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ElecTRONica Head Canon: Ver 1

Here is the highly unofficial ElecTRONica head canon that we came up with over the course of the final week of the show (mostly about Eckert).  All of this is subject to change or be added upon. Most of it is super crack-y and random.  Reblog or leave notes with changes or additions (cause you know you wanna nerd out on this :P)

Here it is in no particular order rhyme or reason!

  • Eckert and Castor are not the same program
  • Eckert takes various forms that’s why he looks different from night to night
  • He uses a shake weight to stay in shape
  • He loves waffles and is a big fan of brunch
  • Eckert hates the dance move known as “shufflin’” but begrudgingly accepts it and allows it in his club because users are so fond of it
  • No outside food and drink are allowed at the End of Line Club (take your churros elsewhere)
  • Eckert’s cane’s name is Pearl; they are very much in love
  • He’s thinking of forming a band called “Eckert and the Programs” to entertain at the club and elsewhere on the grid
  • He’s had his tonsils removed twice
  • Eckert’s other job is running a bakery (with the best muffins on the Grid).  Baker by day, MC by night.  He keeps everyone happy
  • His favorite musical is Cabaret, his favorite movie is Moulin Rouge and his favorite musician is David Bowie (but only during the Ziggy Stardust days)
  • He never misses an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race and Selena Gomez Nicki Minaj is his guilty pleasure
  • He’s omni-sexual, attracted to anything and anyone and he’s a huge flirt
  • Ada, Eckert and Castor are all the program equivalent of sibling (fraternal twins).  
  • Castor is the corrupted file from too many years living under Clu’s reign, the other two are still inherently good and were activated after the downfall of Clu (or were stored elsewhere or were just not jerks).
  • Eckert does miss his brother but also thinks he was an idiot and made his own bed.
  • ElecTRONica as a whole was an experiment to see if Users and Programs could live (or party) together in harmony.  (the whole thing was potentially Sam Flynn’s idea)
  • It was all under the guise of a theme park attraction as not to arouse suspicion and went remarkable well (aside from some users not being able to handle their libations).

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