I'm bad with descriptions so this will be no different
Tumblr is basically a place for media vomit and so I will use it for that.
Expect: Disney & Comic Books. Also theme parks, pop culture, hockey, fanfiction, cosplay and whatever else I think is pretty/random/insane/fun or any combination of such.

I also like commenting on everything b/c I think I'm hilarious. Just fyi

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Gerard Way/ Becky Cloonan signing at Beach Ball Comics.  It was a nutty 6 hrs.  Man, I can’t even remember half of what happened.  I ended up working at 15 hr day
There was lots of shaking and crying and fangirling.  We were Beach Balling all day so lots of people have terrible selfies of me on their camera.   Someone brought a snake… someone brought a duck… a lot of people brought comics and got their arms signed and said they were getting said signatures turned into tattoos.  We were photo bombing. It was lot of nuttiness and fatigue making for a super fun night.  It was definitely one of our biggest events ever!
All these pics are mine (except the last one.  Took if from Alex cause it’s the only one I showed up in all night.  Also he asked me to photobomb :P