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And lastly, the friends and ohana that made ElecTRONica so special for me.  From the very first Tron group screaming “TRONTRONTRONTRON” through DCA.  To the boy and I outside Flynn’s one last time. 
I love you all and I’m so glad we all got to be nerds about this together
It was a hell of a lot of fun and though I know a lot of people may not care or understand it, I wouldn’t trade those nights for anything

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Reblogging myself from last year cause I can

A #throwbackthursday to Afternoon Avenue at Disneyland. Gruffi is not amused by my joy for sliding #tbt

A #throwbackthursday to Afternoon Avenue at Disneyland. Gruffi is not amused by my joy for sliding #tbt

Before & After: Disney California Adventure Entrance

As much as I love DCA’s new entrance and I ADORE Buena Vista Street, I still really love the original DCA postcard chic look.  Basically, I’ve just always loved me some DCA

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Some of my favorite random moments of 2013
The “horrors” of SDCC, showin off their warrior faces, meeting the voices of the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister [finally!]), Kat & Robbie’s wedding, front row for the Coyotes/Kings Games, Rockin the Gravity Falls w/ the cast, being Dapper on the carousel, PCC w/ the Penguin, too much tea cup spinning, meeting some long lost friends

Chris Evans is a big dork.

The moment when my boyfriend was basically like “I wanna go, Chris Evans!! Let’s go to Disneyland right now”

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So the old Teddy is back, Duffy is where Pluto used to be, and Pluto is where Max used to be. Max is gone.

And Tiana and Naveen have been added to the front of the Ballroom float, Belle and Beast stay on the back.

And that’s what’s new in ACF.

I know it’s dumb and all, but I am LEGIT upset Max isn’t there anymore.  The Max & Goofy float is amazing and it’s one of the few floats that represented family for the holidays (though you can argue that all Disney characters are one big family, welcome to our family time, etc etc).  Plus it was this delightful weirdness of Goof Troop Max paired with Goofy Movie Max’s voice.  I just love it (or loves I guess I should say)
I’m already not a huge fan of Duffy so that doesn’t help my sadness of the change.

Stoked about Tia & Naveen though.  They look great and I love seeing them anyway together, really