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Favourite Characters → Captain Amelia

CAPTAIN AMELIA: Doctor, to mewl and blabber about a treasure map in front of this particular crew demonstrates a level of ineptitude that borders on the imbecilic. And I mean that in a very caring way.
DOCTOR DOPPLER: “Imbecilic”, did you say? “Foolishness”, I’ve gotten-
CAPTAIN AMELIA: May I see the map, please?
JIM: [
Reluctantly] Here.
CAPTAIN AMELIA: Hmm. Fascinating. Mr. Hawkins, in the future, you will address me as ”Captain” or “Ma’am”, is that clear?…Mr. Hawkins?
JIM: Yes, Ma’am.
CAPTAIN AMELIA: That’ll do. Gentlemen, this must be kept under lock and key when not in use. And, Doctor, again, with the greatest possible respect, zip your howling screamer.
DOCTOR DOPPLER: Captain, I assure you, I-
CAPTAIN AMELIA: Let me make this as monosyllabic as possible:
don’t much care for this crew you hired. They’re…how did I describe them, Arrow? I said something rather good this morning, before coffee.
MR. ARROW: “A ludicrous parcel of drivelling galoots”, Ma’am.
CAPTAIN AMELIA: There you go, poetry.
DOCTOR DOPPLER: Now, see here-
CAPTAIN AMELIA: Doctor, I’d love to chat; tea, cake, the whole shabang, but I have a ship to launch, and you’ve got your outfit to buff up.

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the cinematic masterpiece of our time 

there is literally no excuse for those who have not seen the producers

God bless for the Hitler musical number alone!

I don’t think you understand, the blonde Nazi in the top left gif is John Barrowman

I can’t believe this doesn’t include the best scene


"Shows should be more pretty. Shows should be more witty. Shows should be more… What’s the word?"

”.. Gay?”


I rewatched this movie a few weeks ago and had forgotten how much I love it!  So freaking good.

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'And on that lovely spring evening, that's exactly what Barney and Robin vowed to each other. And it was legendary.

Did you know: Former Project Runway winner and fashion designer Christian Siriano will be in charge of creating the ensemble costumes for the fairies, specifically Zarina. Siriano stated that “I loved the challenge of this project. I haven’t designed for an animated character before, and I’m excited to take my skills into Zarina’s world. She’s a unique and new character and I wanted to help make her memorable and iconic. Disney characters are everlasting and I’m so happy as a young designer to help create a bit of Disney history.”

I need this costume, like right now!!

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This is like one of my favorite scenes from this movie.  I need to rewatch it like right now!!

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