I'm bad with descriptions so this will be no different
Tumblr is basically a place for media vomit and so I will use it for that.
Expect: Disney & Comic Books. Also theme parks, pop culture, hockey, fanfiction, cosplay and whatever else I think is pretty/random/insane/fun or any combination of such.

I also like commenting on everything b/c I think I'm hilarious. Just fyi

Credit for art is my current icon goes to Brianna: http://briannacherrygarcia.tumblr.com/


Short clip of the new 20 minute loop at the Animation Building in California Adventure.  They cut what I figured they would and they put in a lot of Pixar (which is weird cause there’s none in this clip).  I like the additions but I moarn my Emperor’s New Groove, Atlantis, and Hercules. (Tangled makes me happy though)