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'And on that lovely spring evening, that's exactly what Barney and Robin vowed to each other. And it was legendary.



Jack/Elsa You are not alone.~︶⌣︶✿

I don’t usually have much interest in ships/pairings (completely neutral), or reblog them, but this is pretty.

This is gorgeous!




You guys do realize that when Anna and Kristoff get married, Sven is going to be the Best Man at the wedding. He’s going to have to give a toast. Kristoff is basically going to talk about himself in his Sven voice for 45 minutes.


"…and never in my life have I met a lad more pure of hart.”




I shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did at this

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This scene breaks my heart. Anna is dying, and she knows that. She knows she loves Kristoff, and she believes his kiss will save her. But before Kristoff is able to reach her, she sees her sister, Elsa, about to be slain by Hans. Anna has to make a choice to save herself, or to save Elsa. In the sixth gif, you can see the fear in her eyes. In the seventh gif, she makes her choice. She is ready to sacrifice herself to save her sister, who has shut her out and pushed her away for so many years. I have never seen such a display of true, deep love. Ever.

*cries forever*

Like seriously, as if this movie wasn’t good enough, this moment might have bumped it up to the top of my favourites.

Amazing comment on this.
I also lose my mind during this scene watching Kristoff.  He sees her, he’s finally found her and he knows how he feels now and he’s going to save her and everything’s going to be ok…
But then, she runs the other way.  And they animated his heartbreak so beautifully.  At that moment he doesn’t know what she’s doing and he just looks like he’s going to lose it because they were so close
UGH!  This scene