I'm bad with descriptions so this will be no different
Tumblr is basically a place for media vomit and so I will use it for that.
Expect: Disney & Comic Books. Also theme parks, pop culture, hockey, fanfiction, cosplay and whatever else I think is pretty/random/insane/fun or any combination of such.

I also like commenting on everything b/c I think I'm hilarious. Just fyi

Credit for art is my current icon goes to Brianna: http://briannacherrygarcia.tumblr.com/



day 86: okay this is my absolute favorite pillowcase ever!!! it’s the same age as me but at the same time brand new! ( it came out in 1992 but i just found it in my storage in it’s original packaging!!!) i loooove rajah

Dude!  I used this same pillow case all the time.  I still have it!  I use to use it all the time and took it everywhere and I can’y believe it’s still in such good shape.  I also had it cause i love Rajah! :D